Sunday, March 8, 2009

Episode 15: Dalton, Part 2

After too long a break, we are back with the next exciting installment. And here we are very happy to announce The 2 Half-Squads t-shirts!

We can’t remember what made us think anyone would want to admit — let alone advertise — they listen to this podcast, but here they are, and to tell the truth, they’re pretty darn nice shirts. If you want one, here’s how to order.
  1. Send us an email stating how many and what size(s) you want and your shipping address.
  2. We’ll email you back to let you know if your shirt(s) is available.
  3. Make a donation on this site ($20 for each shirt in the continental USA, $30 everywhere else).
  4. We’ll email you when your shirt(s) ship.
  5. Go to your front door and start watching for the mail man.
We also have a little conversation with Keith Dalton from MultiMan Publishing to see what’s up in 2009 for ASL.

There’s also a “What’s in the Box” segment, covering Action Pack 5: Eastern Front.

Dig it!

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