Saturday, September 19, 2009

Episode 25: Mark(ing) Time

One of the benefits of producing a netcast like this one is the opportunity it gives us to interview various ASL “celebrities”. So far none of them have shown any self-awareness of that “celebrity” status, though they all most assuredly deserve the title, given the time and effort they dedicate to the hobby and — more importantly — donate to the community.

Our guest today is no exception, though his contributions to The Game are exceptional indeed. Mark Pitcavage (Dr. Mark Pitcavage, if one were to honor his PhD in history) is a name well known in ASL circles, and we were very pleased to “meet” him today for the first time to chat about our favorite topic. We think you’ll find the discussion entertaining and informative. If you’ve never visited Mark’s web site, dedicated to Advanced Squad Leader, then you’re missing out. Check it out as soon as you can at

Yes, we are very lucky to get to talk to so many NICE gamers, any one of whom you should have no fear taking home and introducing to your mother. Oh wait. That would be a wee bit creepy.

Before we start Mark(ing) Time, though, we still make room to sift through some listener mail (of course!) and indulge in our other usual antics. Stick around. This is a good one.

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  1. This episode seems to end very abruptly. I would love to hear a complete version of this one. Love your show, I have listened all of your episodes during last couple of weeks - very good entertainment while clipping and sorting my counters.

  2. Thanks for the heads-up, Zumba. We have now corrected the issue.

  3. Hi,

    Episode 25 is still ending abrubptly to me. I've tried listening to the entire episode 3 times, and it cuts off every time.


  4. Hmmm.....Don't seem to be able to download or play this episode!

  5. Hi Steve. Thanks for the heads-up. We have corrected the issue. Please try again and, we hope, enjoy.

  6. I've recently downloaded the mp3 version ( and it also ends abruptly right in the middle on an awesome interview.

    Thanks for all your hard work.

  7. Same thing here, Mark is saying something of crucial importance to the survival of mankind (has to do with the morale of US troops) and suddenly the podcast ends. A case of Markus Interruptus it is.

  8. We've checked our archive and are finding the same thing . . . for some reason that episode ends abruptly. Maybe it's karma for Mark because he will not put us on his otherwise excellent web site!