Saturday, October 17, 2009

Episode 26: Round Table #1

Today we fill the broadcast foxhole to capacity and hold our first “round table” discussion. Can you guess the topic? Well, if you answered “Advanced Squad Leader”, you are absolutely correct. Joining us today are three Chicago-area ASL veterans, Louie Tokarz, Rich Spilky and Bob Holmstrom. Add to that mix ASL vet and T2HS co-host, Dave Kleinschmidt, and we have an ASL virtuoso quartet gathered for your listening pleasure. The forum is open and relaxed, and if you like sitting around talking about your favorite hobby with others of like ilk, then you’re going to like this episode a lot.

The running time for this show is nearly 90 minutes, but we only got to a small handful of the the topics we wanted to discuss. You know what that means . . . there will be more round table discussions in the future, with lots of different guests. Egad, so much to do, so little time!

If you’re looking for Listener Mail, Box Art Review, Quiz Show, History Report and other T2HS regular segments, sorry, but there was no time this time, but join us next time — which will be coming along in a short time.

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