Friday, August 10, 2012

Episode 75: PJ Norton's Take

PJ Norton Rocks On ASL
We are pleased to present an interview with Michigan local and ASL mover and shaker PJ Norton. PJ is a very enthusiastic ASLer with lots of experience as a play tester for Critical Hit.  He has put a lot of years into the hobby, and has a good grasp of its history.  Join us for a fascinating conversation about how we play, and why we play, Advanced Squad Leader.

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4:00 Hangout News
7:20 Auction News
9:10 Contest Update
19:00 Electronic Communication (Letters)
38:30 PJ Norton Interview
1:35:15 Total Running Time


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  1. Now is the time on Sproketts when we dance....

    Really - electronic communication ?

    This message created using entirely recycled electrons.

  2. Whatta buncha smart-alec kids with ther fancy words!

    Ain't never heard of Lektronik Kummikation- sounds like communism!

    Bring back them typewriters!

  3. Hi guys, I was updating your last few episodes in iTunes today, and I note that 71 and 74 don't list, and don't therefor download.

    I really enjoy having the show on my iPod.

    I seem to remember this happening once before.

    Keep up the good work.


  4. Hi Guys

    Just got finished listening to the show PJ sounds like an interesting guy, funny, but he sounds a lot like Gary Sinise. Listening to him talk about the museum reminded me of an event in Rockford coming up in September that you guys might enjoy, World War II Days at Midway Village. Haven't made it the past couple of years, but when I was there in the past it was simply fantastic with tons of American and British and German equipment including German halftracks, a Hetzer and even an StuG III one year. They do a big battle engagement, but the encampments in the woods are also really interesting to check out. This one would be a pretty cool place to do an ASL event as part of the weekend. You can find the website here:

  5. Off topic, but I just heard that they are reprinting Up Front! Don't know who is doing the reprint, just saw it on the dice tower pod cast