Monday, July 23, 2012

Episode 74: You've Been Set-up

Since Jeff has been so busy getting the T2HS Hangouts off the ground, Dave felt he needed to make some kind of a contribution. Believe it or not, this is all he could come up with. Listener Dustin had expressed some interest in how to store his counters and, to help him out, Dave discusses his storage system. He then presents his thinking process (yes, he actually has one, in spite of what your past listening experience may have led you to believe), as he sets up a defense for a popular tournament scenario, J129 Mountain Hunters. So, this episode may not offer much to an experienced Advanced Squad Leader player, but may be very helpful to newbies.

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Knights of the ASL Table lyrics
We’re the Knights of the ASL table. We play when ere we’re able.
We do our thing on the podcast scene, and our work is im-pec-cable.
In Chicago land we play a lot. You'll hear “PaK” and “stack” and “FAQ” a lot!
We’re Knights of the ASL table. Our shows, in-val-ue-able.
And many times, our banter shines in ways un-for-get-able.
We like to say “Sha-ZAM!” a lot. We shoot from the tree tops a looooooot.
Our French accents are fable. They’re quite in-de-scribe-able.
Between our casts we have a blast, saying “in-defa-ti-gable!”
It’s busy when you play a lot. We two say "multi-man" a looooooooot.

:03 Song
1:15 Counter Storage Method
16:00 Mountain Hunters Set-up
1:07:00 Total Running Time


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  1. The Texas ASL club download page has some great spreadsheets for plano boxes. I use them myself, with some minor adjustments, with great satisfaction. The link is:

  2. I enjoyed the setup talk, and I think you should setup more to the front, with units around K2/K3 and G16/G17.

  3. From the flickr photos, it doesn't look like you clip your counters. Does this present any game play challenges, or are you happy with unclipped counters?

  4. We are perfectly fine with unclipped counters. Clipping has always been a bit controversial of a topic as to it's value. They may last a bit longer and look sharper. It can get rid of the tattered corner look. Dave has never clipped his and has no problem.