Sunday, July 15, 2012

ASL Extra #15: Kamikaze Gorge

Near Baguio, Luzon Island, The Philippines, April 17, 1945:  It has been a little while, but we have finally posted another ASL Extra episode, for your enjoyment and edification. This one plays out  SP193  KAMIKAZE GORGE from our friends at Schwerepunkt.  You may learn a trick or two from our distinguished players: tournament champion Bob Holmstrom, and tournament contender Rich Domovic. Bob's attacking Americans must clear two of three hilltop areas.  Rich's Japanese will utilize all of their special abilities on the defense. This episode will not teach you the rules, but should help you see a larger, tactical view of the scenario played.  It will also help you understand the greatest game in the world, Advanced Squad Leader.


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  1. The set-up commentary and strategy info is nice and well done, but once the game starts it's not very informative at all. No sense of what's going on or the flow of the game. This good be so much better if it was more like a SR with audio.

  2. Mgoulie,
    Did you find that this one was less clear on the flow than previous ones? Or are they all about the same? The series replay idea is a good one. We try to do that type of teaching on our Newbie-do episodes (if which we are long overdue to post another).