Saturday, July 21, 2012

Episode 73: Now in STEREO!

We know what you're thinking. The show was perfect as it was, and why tinker with perfection? Well, never ones to leave well enough alone, we started experimenting with with the capabilities of our recording equipment and lo and behold, we invented The 2 Stereophonic Half-Squads. That's Jeff in you left ear, and Dave in the right. You'll think you're right here in the Broadcast Foxhole with us in an experience so immersive you'll want to reach right out and slap us.

Does this amazing leap forward in sound quality do anything for the CONTENT? Sadly, NO! We still bumble and stumble and ramble for an hour or more. But heck, it's all about Advanced Squad Leader, so how bad could it be? . . . Wait! Don't answer that! 

03:30 - What's in the Box
08:00 - St. Louis Tournament
11:30 - Auction items
13:00 - What Chew Been Playing Lately?
17:00 - What's in the Box (Part 2)
22:00 - Contest Winners
31:00 - Rules Segment: Special Ammo
52:30 - Box Art Review
1:05:00 - Total Running Time

Listen Now:
Download this episode: Right-click here and select to save the file.


  1. Wacht am Rhine was the German code name for the Ardennse offensive(Battle of The Bulge) you BOTH should go out and beat yourselves with a stick! need a smiley face here ;-) the new stereo set up,

  2. Devil Brigade = 1st Special Service force, see "Cat and Mouse" ASL Annual 89(IIRC)

  3. Shaped charge weapons(SCW) the explosives are "shaped" to focus the explosive power to a point increasing its penetration abilities, HEAT rounds are similar(IIRC, Ordnance geeks will probably correct me)...sorry for all the posts but I am still listening to the show :-)

  4. Stereo! Ugh! Played poorly in my ear buds. Very disconcerting to have one voice in one ear. I had to pump up the volume as by having a voice come thru only one earphone, it was basically half the volume. My eardrums are still ringing from the extra volume I needed to hear your voices. Please end the stereo experiment, or offer a non-stereo download in addition.

    Otherwise fun show as usual.

  5. Sorry about your experience, C. We'll post a monaural version by Sunday afternoon. Thanks for your input.

  6. Wow, thanks guys!! Love your podcast, but was still debating whether I wanted to go deaf for it or not!

    On another note. Don't reduce the time to only one hour. The longer the better. I bought my MP3 player for only $50 bucks, tell those luddites to get out and buy one!

  7. Hi guys-
    Wow! 3 podcast in like a week! And this one has box art review!
    Nice episode, personally listened with iPhone 3 with downloaded file sounded fine. Good banter :)
    (unfortunately still going to have to hit 'dull' nothing personal it's just a habit)

    Matt from sunny LA

  8. This afternoon we posted a new version of this episode, boosting the volume to normal levels. There's a bit of background hiss as a result, but the overall quality is better.

  9. I agree with Dawson - the longer the better!! I loved those early shows that went on for 2 hours - a real treat! Thanks for all the excellent podcasts.

  10. Another vote for longer episodes- more banter, more box art review!

  11. FYI, I have not been able to download from iTunes. I've been trying the past couple of days and it just errors out (An unknown error has occurred (8104))

  12. Great content, did not like the stereo (I listen @ work through one ear-bud). I vote for longer, more banter, more beer and less art. But if it will make the show longer I will put up with some art. Keep up the good work. Limpy from Vermont