Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Episode 98: Bridges and Box Art, Baby!

Have you ever wondered about the finer points of the Bridges rules?  Would you be interested in a story about a man who went fishing, and caught a Panzerfaust?  Do you think that by listening to a Box Art Review segment discussing the Advanced Squad Leader Journals #7 and #8, that you could increase your cultural awareness and sensitivity?  Well, have we got the show for you! Join Cleetus, Dave, Jeff and Bob, as they discuss these topics and many more.

1:00 Banter....bout Games.
11:27 What'cha Been Playing Lately?
29:31 Box Art Review
43:00 In the News
1:00:00 Terrain Time: Bridges
1:30:02 Total Running Time

Philipine Newspaper Writers They're Real!
See, we told you so! Here they are again.
Fishing for a Panzerfaust
Canadian war time Diary
Bomb in Budapest
Bye-bye Bunkers

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  1. As the guy who gave $50 to continue the box art critique, I'm kind of questioning my decision at the time. I won't ask for my money back, but I think that $25 would have been plenty.

    Mike Decker

  2. Aaaaah.....awkward.....we thought you would enjoy the slightly over the top interpretations of Ken's work. That approach may garner us the affections of the art newbie, but in the process it seems, we have lost the affections of the true art, connoisseur. It is a lesson learned.

  3. Bob(Cleetus) + BAR = solid gold

  4. Yes, he does put Dave to shame. Dave is just so serious about art. Probably due to his extensive art training.

  5. OH THE IRONY!....I was painting (touching up) our house while listening to the box art review....I now feel inspired to paint triangular shapes of drama all over the walls! The Wife I'm sure will agree, I'll make sure to tell her that you helped bring out my creative side

    The soon to be divorced.
    Stephen Hicks

  6. P.S. Underwater bridges were set up for camouflage purposes to help hide them from the enemy.

  7. ASL fans... Warsaw uprising...
    Check out:


    You won't be disappointed