Sunday, March 30, 2014

Episode 112: We're Fired!

In the unlikely event you didn't realize already, let us warn you: if you're going to play Advanced Squad Leader you're going to need to have your troops fire their guns. There's no room for pacifists here. It wouldn't be much of a war if the armies in opposition didn't fire off all those cool guns and artillery and stuff. In today's episode we discuss the rules around Fire Attacks. Some of this is pretty basic stuff as far as the rules go, but we encourage you to listen anyway. We were surprised by several interesting tidbits we'd nearly forgotten or use only too rarely.

7:30 - What Have You Been Playing Lately
17:30 - What's in the Box (plus a little Box Art Review) -- ASL Annual '92
41:00 - Rules -- Fire Attacks
Total running time: 1:08

Stout Hearted Men
A Girl Worth Fighting For
HC4 - Whaling Good Time

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  1. Rules check at 13:00 min - A20.9 Crest status - 20.94 FIRE/CC: Çrest Infantry firing at any target not within their protected Crest front must fire as Area Fire. (Dave is correct). +2 applies to CC attacks made by them and -2 against them (Dave's recollection is correct).

  2. Another great interview boys. Something to think about for next interview is what new rules/counters/etc. are going to be included?

    BTW I thought the Episode 110: Greatest Hits Part 2 was great..... as did my four year old daughter. "Daddy play the animal sounds again! Yay!!!"
    however my six year son asked: "Dad why didn't they buy the animal sounds app? They keep playing the same animal over, and over, and over. It's boring...." Hard to please everybody :>

    Keep up the dull work!

    Matt from Sunny LA