Monday, April 7, 2014

Episode 113: Perry Sez So

We couldn't find a recent
picture of Perry, but we
recall him looking like this.
Today we are happy to present our recent interview with Perry Cocke of Multi-Man Publishing, makers of Advanced Squad Leader and other fine products. Perry gives us an update on upcoming ASL goodies that you will most likely see in 2014. There's lots to look forward to, including -- could it be -- Haaka Paale?

This episode is 99% ASL. If that's still not enough you . . . you're a normal ASLer!

1:30 - Perry
2:30 - More Perry
41:00 - Even More Perry
51:05 - Still Perry
1:02:47 - Let's just say it's all Perry
Total running time: 1:02:35

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  1. Darn guys, if we ASLers all looked even remotely like that, ASL would be the most popular game on the planet! Especially with women!

  2. My wife walked by while I was listening and I caught her eye-balling the picture..she just laughed when I busted her. Another great podcast. Some book ideas for brushing up on Korea. David Douglas Duncan's, This is War, is one of the best photo histories of any war and really gives a great view of squad level action in the early days during the retreat to Pusan. John Toland's, In Mortal Combat, is possibly the best single history of the war that I have read. Max Hastings', The Korean War, is another great telling with some great snippets around the British forces engaged in Korea.

  3. LOL, Pic. You guys are smooth.