Friday, April 18, 2014

Episode 114: Action Pack 9 and Other Stories

Spring has finally sprung here in Illinois, and we are emerging from hibernation to present you with this episode. Some interesting letters are read for your enjoyment. We cover a slew of scenarios in What We've Been Playing Lately. Jeff gleefully reviews the latest MMP Action Pack To the Bridge. Be sure to enter our new contest and win an East Side Gamers Dezign Pak or book!

1:00 - Banter (including some very important health advice from T2HS)
7:20 - Letters
29:30 - What We've Been Playin' Lately
42:35 - New Contest Announcement (contest ends 6/14/14, enter now)
51:20 - What's in the Box? AP9
1:15:40 - Total Running Time

New ASL Cards
ASL Ladder Tourny Announcements
Flying Tanks

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  1. I really wanted to get Action Pack #9, but thinking that I'm not sure it's worth it for such a horrible map screw up. Though I was intrigued by the introductory landing craft scenario.

  2. As far as we know there is no error on the map. If you are referring to our comments about the letters being different, they are designed that way, and we were saying that we forgot why they that was the design. Unless you have heard from MMP or another reliable source, there is no error in the product.

  3. Regarding the Gary F-style mapboards that made their debut in the Action Packs, the front/obverse/a side has hex columns labelled A through Q, while the back/reverse/b side has hex columns labelled Q through GG. I will leave the topic of its merits to others.

  4. This type of board design should've occurred 20 years ago.
    Variety is the spice of life.

    The only thing I'd like to see is more usage of some of the more obscure looking boards instead of it being a novelty. Leave that to the HASL modules. Singular theme, single map...

    Keep up the Spectacular work Jeff and Dave...
    Oh, by the way, House rules state that Sgt Kleine and Cpl Schmidt have a -2 to capture DRM in CC and will surrender if broken withing normal range to a KEU...