Monday, August 18, 2014

ASL Extra 17: Liberation of Minsk play-by-play

Rich Domovic
At a recent meeting of the Palatine Area Advanced Squad Leaders club (PAASL) Dave ended up with no opponent to play, so he started recording a play-by-play of the only game happening; scenario OST12, The Liberation of Minsk from the Ost Front 2 Pack by Lone Canuck Publishing. This little experiment turned out pretty good, so we decided to publish it for your enjoyment and edification.

Rich Domovic commanded the Russians while Mike Stubits played the German defender. The high level of experience of these two players showed as they battled it out in 1944. You won't find the initial setup here as it was a spur of the moment decision to record, and there are gaps in the recording as we pause to let players think and plan. We hope the photos will clarify things. There are some great moves made during this one, so we hope you can learn a trick or two.

Mike Stubits
The live narration of the game in progress makes it sound a bit like a golf tournament, but there's no soft clapping from the gallery. Feel free to fill that in yourselves.

Photos of the Game

Download this episode (right click and save)


  1. Hey Dave! Good to see return of extras being broadcast. The photos really assisted in following along the gameplay. Well done!

  2. Photos are good.
    Could you label them in chronological order to follow along in the game.
    Lots of low rolls!!!

  3. Excellent idea ! I think the play by play format is a lot of fun. Not as good as watching first hand but still good. Give You a feel for the scenario as well. BTW I had the pleasure of playing Rich in Bournemouth England at Intensive Fire back in 2013 in SSB1 . He and I were the only Yanks there ! Wow, small world isn't. Cheers great show, say Hi to Rich for Me..