Thursday, August 28, 2014

Episode 123: T2HS Greatest Hits Part Three

Oh no, here we go again. Another episode of so-called "Greatest Hits". This collection covers episodes 36 through 47. These snips were carefully, painstakingly, agonizingly, excruciatingly hand selected by Old Man Dan and Piano Man. You might find a few things in here that you missed the first time around, and others that will bring back some memories -- hopefully not the same memories you've been trying to FORGET since the shows first aired!

Surely the best moments come from the many guests we interviewed. Our thanks again to all of them for making us look good. Or, at least, not quite so bad!

Ahhh, we are waxing nostalgic, and with your permission we will wax on. Next episode we will wax off.

Total Time: 2:25:15
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  1. Hey Jeff and Dave! Your 3rd installment of "The 2 Half Squads - Greatest Hits"... THE BEST YET!!! The self deprecating humor... the bloopers... the banter... the interviews. Need I say more? The friendly, easygoing, conversational style of your podcast(s) makes it a MUST listen to. Hope all is well in the "broadcast foxhole", keep the interesting, informative, funny stuff coming (Never, ever "dull").

  2. Great episode but my 5 year old daughter says hit the "dull" button due to missing animal noises between audio clips; sorry boys!

    Matt from Sunny LA