Monday, June 15, 2015

Episode 141: The Great Unwashed

Ozerekya Breakout cover is a
fine example of chiaroscuro.
Nothing brings a lightness to the heart and a smile to the face quite like a session of the greatest game in the world, Advanced Squad Leader. Why it can even lift the mood of Jeff, perhaps the grumpiest podcast host in the world. If you don't want to listen to 10 minutes of whining about The Great Unwashed, skip forward to . . .

. . . the return of Box Art Review! wherein Dave exposes himself and his large knowledge of arty words. To further amaze, Dave then proceeds to whip out his Terrain Time notes for a review of Streams, Fords, and Crests. But if you already know these rules, you may want to skip forward to . . .

. . . our discussion of the World War II comedy classic film, Kelly's Heroes. Not surprisingly, we have markedly different opinions about this movie. Can you guess who loves it and who doesn't?

This work by Thomas Hart Benton is a
fine example of the use of
pretty colors.
The Amphicar
How to Pronounce Gyros
Kelly's Heroes Trailer

1:00 Some Interesting Conversation
10:10 Box Art Review (Oh Yeah!)
16:45 Terrain Time (Steams, Fords, Crests)
47:30 Movie Review Kelly's  Heroes
1:14:20 Total Running Time
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  1. I think that the Tigers in Kelly's Heroes were rebuild T-34/85's. Can anyone confirm or deny that?

  2. I believe that Peter G. is correct. The chassis is a T-34/85 chassis similar to the one in Saving Private Ryan. So far, the movie, Theirs is the Glory is the only one I have seen (excepting Fury) that has a real Tiger, two real Panthers and a blown-up King Tiger. Available on Youtube.

  3. Are you guys kidding me? The theme song to Kelleys Heros is the BEST. That song defines the movie!

    And the Tigers are remodeled T-34/85s provided by the Yugoslavian army where the movie was filmed. At the time Spain actually had a couple of operating Tigers but Franco refused their use in the movie.

  4. Jeffery Hallett, this is just a little reminder to you that your wife is listening! But seriously, I laughed out loud several times :-) great episode you two, even if I don't want to play ASL....

  5. Also like the song, lets you know right from the start this is a very off beat look at the WWII war movie. Think that is also the way to look at some of the rather jarring scenes off mass Hollywood violence, this is a very 60s flick. Loved Telly Savalas performance as the weary Big Joe, trying to keep his guys from getting killed on some wild goose chase. You could have made a serious WWII movie about that character. Oddball was just too far out there for the WWII era, but once again this is WWII farce and like everyone else I love imitating his lines. It all culminates with the crazy western gunfight scene where Kelly, Oddball and Big Joe face down the unstoppable Tiger tank.... so they can let its commander (some fanatic Nazi freak in Oddball's words) know exactly what is in the bank he has been ordered to guard. And this movie had some of the most correct equipment of any until a Bridge too far later in the 70s. Some of the scenes like the one when the platoon is sitting by the side of the road with all the passing tanks and jeeps and trucks just looked great.

  6. "And they got away with it."

    Can you say "spoiler alert"?

  7. As to a movie that you both might like, have you ever seen the movie Downfall? It is by far the best 'end of war Fuhrer bunker' movie ever done. And Bruno Ganz as Hitler is incredible.

  8. As to a movie that you both might like, have you ever seen the movie Downfall? It is by far the best 'end of war Fuhrer bunker' movie ever done. And Bruno Ganz as Hitler is incredible.

  9. Even though you said it twice, I'm betting they have.

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