Monday, July 6, 2015

Episode 142: What, No Sump Pump Rules?

There are signs, you know, that you've been playing too much ASL -- one of which is reaching for The Rule Book whenever a question of any kind comes up. Well, we can save you time by telling you now, there are no Sump Pump rules.

But, there are rules covering Ice, Water Obstacles, and Buildings. And we cover 'em here. We also get caught up on some listener mail and talk a bit about What We've Been Playing Lately.

You may not learn how to keep your basement dry, but hey, this show is about Advanced Squad Leader!

1:00 Blab
13:15 Letters
39:30 Playin' Lately
49:45 Terrain Time
1:24:30 Total Running Time
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  1. Hey Jeff and Dave... Best WWII movie, hands down:
    "Cross of Iron" 1977 Eastern Front, Germans vs Russians, T-34s busting thru factories... Sam Peckinpah, James Coburn, James Mason, Maximilian Schell, David Warner... what else needs to be said! The book is a good read too.

    Have a great Summer!!! Keep the banter coming AND how about some show starting COMEDY???

  2. Re: Episode 142 Jim Burris HIP leader with Bazooka setup.

    The last sentence of rulebook section C13.45 SMC USAGE says, " A BAZ can be used by one SMC only if that SMC is a Hero (A15.23).

    The same rule says two SMC can fire a Bazooka or (by extension a Panzerschreck) at full effect. But it takes a Hero to shoot it alone. So make sure you have what you need to shoot the weapon.

    I learned this the hard way when I had a HIP leader pop out with a Bazooka to take out a passing panzer only to have my opponent point out this rule. Duh.
    I think it can be a great use for an OB-given Hero. Even the threat might the other guy think about where his AFVs go.

  3. Oops Sorry about the typos in my previous post.