Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Episode 163: Save Room for Desert

You can roam through the desert on a horse with no name, but the trip would be much improved if you took this episode along with you to get you through the boring stretches of vast, water-less terrain.  We finally bring you the beginning of a three or four part series covering the Desert rules for the Advanced Squad Leader game system.  But first, we take a look at some of the scenarios that we have been playing lately, then we grab our pith helmets, canteens and sun tan lotion, and head into the parched desert.

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1:00 Banter
15:00 Ritterkrieg Ad
17:40 Playin' Lately
34:00 Desert Rules Part One

The Real Volkswagon Ad
The Not Real One
Matt Romey's Desert Rules in the Vernacular

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  1. Guys, I recommend you check out the book, Uncommon Valor, Common Virtue, Iwo Jima and the Photograph that Captured America by Hal Buell. It also comes with a great DVD that puts to rest any lingering controversy surrounding the second flag raised on Mt. Suribachi. The picture was captured by Joe Rosenthal and right beside him was Marine Photographer Bill Genaust. Genaust captured the flag raising on film and confirmed that it was not staged as he and Rosenthal captured the exact same moment. Genaust was killed near the end of the battle and his body remains in a sealed cave on the island. Really excellent book and DVD.

  2. Chapter F is actually currently available in the pocket edition of the ASL Rulebook.

  3. Of course it is, Dave looked at it while researching then decided to use the larger print binder. Memory problems!

  4. Hi Guys - many thanks for your review of my scenario J155 It's Hardly Fair in "What have you been playin' lately?"
    I'm glad you liked it.

    Adam - Sydney, Australia