Monday, January 23, 2017

Episode 172: When Are The Penguins Going to Talk?

T2HS inspired binders by Richard Youndahl
What's with the purple wings?
Did you know that Marcel Marceu performed his act in total silence? No background music, no sound effects, no nothing...except fine pantomime.  That is an amazing thing, but not nearly as amazing as this episode because it covers a whole lot of Advanced Squad Leader topics while reading letters from fans and ASL players around the world. Do take time to listen to them, as they include many interesting and controversial new house rules being discussed for the ASL Open, like no kindling, OBA red card draw fix, no smoke mods for flamethrowers, unlimited smoke placement for mortars, no more upper level VBM sleaze. Wow, hard to argue with the logic of those fixes. If you were a penguin you couldn't argue with those fixes 'cause penguins don't talk. 
We finish our look at ASL Journal Five.

1:00 Intro Talk
8:10 Letters (don't skip them, they include some very interesting fixes to the whole ASL system)
40:55 Bounding Fire Ad
42:00 What's in the Box Boys? Journal Five
58:00 Ritterkrieg New Ad
1:00:15 Blitzkrieg in the West

ASL Open
Nor'Easter (Yankee ASL Site)
Lebanon Trailer
Blitzkrieg in the West

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  1. Hi Guys.. just quick note... "Lebanon Trailer" link is not working.

  2. A9.222 Fire Lanes do not Cower but (A9.223) may Malfunction

  3. Re-read A1.5 regarding specialized counters