Thursday, March 2, 2017

Episode 175: O CASLO, Our Home and Native Land

 Join us as we grab a two-four and head to the great white north and check in on the Canadian ASL scene. We we hate to sound like a pair of keeners but we are very privileged to have the honor of interviewing Steve Slunt of Canadian ASL Open,. We get an opportunity to discuss the Canadian ASL Association and other things.  It won't cost you any Loonies to have a listen, eh?

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  1. Hi Guys,
    still loving T2HS after listening from the beginning. Please go on past two hundred - you know what ASLers always want - MORE!

    Love the recorder intro to 'What have you been playing lately'- keep up the good work.


  2. Wow! 3 shows in as many weeks! Excelsior! Looking forward to episode 500!

  3. The picture of the tank looks as if it is being driven by a Britt, but worst still, is they have no idea of Anti-Tank Magnetic Chicken, about to go off!

  4. 500! Who ever said anything about 500!
    The pressure is on.

  5. Excellent - 500 episodes is really what you should be aiming for.
    Maybe M*!?# P1t**a*** will include a link then... :>

    Still enjoying every episode even the 'boring' ones....

  6. Technical question: I've tried to select "DULL" button multiple times for a episode - yet I'm only able to select "DULL" once. Are you aware of the HTML button compatibility input issue? Do you have a technical assistance/IT Support button on website? I see a Donate button but zero 'report technical issue' button.

  7. We've been aware of the shortcomings of the Dull selector for some time. The problem is, the developers of Blogger never imagined something could be as dull as T2HS.