Sunday, February 26, 2017

Episode 174: ASL Hazing

Hello again ASLer's!

Would you be so kind to join us for an inside look at ASL Journal Twelve?

By inside look we mean we look inside and talk about the contents. We don't have any special connection to Mult-Man Publishing. Although we have interviewed Perry several times. This one has many great articles that range from advice for the rookie to advice for the grognard.  There is a nice piece on the Korean Marines to get us all excited about the upcoming Korean Module.

1:00 Banter
13:30 ASL Journal 12
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  1. Another very good episode reviewing the latest ASL Journal.. but how come no mention of the upcoming electronic ASL rulebook which was mentioned in the "Umpires View" article? This will be nothing short of FANTASTIC!!! And I know MMP has upped their game with publishing ASL material... but we still need MORE COMEDY!!!

    Here is link to upcoming (end of march) Netflix series "Five came Back": Today’s leading directors present a look at how filmmakers impacted WWII. Looks awfully good.

  2. Thanks for the feedback and info.....looks interesting indeed.

  3. The Red Factories expansion is not a combo of Red Barricades (RB) and Valor of the Guards (VOTG)... It's a combo of RB and a NEW Stalingrad CG called Red October!!!!

  4. We are getting pretty sloppy in our old age. We will need to be more careful or we may lose the right to produce this podcast. Tanks for the clarification.