Thursday, May 18, 2017

Episode 178: A1.5 Eh?

The world may be spinning out of control . . . or not, but we wouldn't know, as we have been down in the broadcast foxhole slaving over our computers and microphones in order to create this show for your entertainment. Our entertainment was provided by you, the listeners of this show, since you wrote the material we cover as we dive into your informative and amusing letters.  Thanks so much for writing!

We also cover ASL Journal #6 is reviewed and, oh yeah, it has a great cover by Ken Smith.

CONTEST FOR FREE HAT ANNOUNCED - gmail us within three weeks of the posting of this show (specifying if you want the hat signed by us or not signed by us), and you will be entered into the drawing for the free hat provided by listener Joe.

0:03  Song: ASL Journal Number 9 (lyrics by Donovan and music by  D.D.)
3:00 Letters
33:00 Free Hat Contest Announced
39:45 What's in the Box?

Massive German Flak Towers
Canadian Fans Finish US National Anthem

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  1. Another fun episode guys. Still going strong I see. Having to play catch up on the last 6 episodes, I have been slacking as of late.

  2. Excelsior! 2 Episodes in as many weeks!

    Keep up the good work. I do enjoy the listener emails - it's nice to keep tabs on and hear about what the rest of the ASL world is up to.


  3. The geographical puns gave me indogestion.

  4. I'm only kidding. Your humor is entertaining.