Monday, June 17, 2019

Episode 223: Simply Spilky

Rich and son Jared
You'd think after 222 episodes we would know our equipment through and through, and all the steps for recording would be deeply ingrained in our minds. Alas, NO. I (Jeff) messed up the audio on parts of this otherwise very excellent episode. Please pardon my blunder. (If you would like a written apology, just send me a self-addressed, stamped envelope and a check for $22.30.)

Anyway, it's still an excellent show as far as content is concerned. One need only mention the name Rich Spilky and you can be sure there will be plenty of great ASL talk. Tonight Rich is back with more of his player aid tables, and we discuss the four new additions. They're sure to make your ASL gaming easier and more enjoyable. We also discuss a future project he's got in the works regarding the statistics behind drawing OBA cards. And we talk about his recently published replay and analysis of The Last Bid. Finally, his son Jared joins us to chit-chat about gaming from the perspective of a 20-something.

Show Links
Where in the world is this sharp dressed man?
The Dead Sea in Jordan.

The latest Spilky tables
Robert Medrow's OBA article in The General Vol 24 No 2 (via View from the Trenches web site)
Scenario Replay and Analysis: The Last Bid [RB5]; Rich Spilky (via Texas ASL web site)

Show Times
3:00 Spilky tables
33:00 OBA article
49:00 The Last Bid article
1:05 Chat with Jared

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  1. Hi Dave and Jeff! Quality of the Podcast was OK.. I did not mind listening. Good to hear from & see photo of Jared. I remember he was a member of your podcast foxhole (which I watched live streaming on Youtube) back in 2015 for the 100th anniversary! He's grown up some! Back in 2015 I was still playing "catchup" of all your previous episodes! And a beginner ASLer. Good to hear from Rich too, if he is a guest on your show... I know it will be outstanding. Thanks for all your hard work!! Happy retirement Mr Dave! I highly recommend it... I am retired 9 years! Never bored... enjoy every day! Good Luck!

  2. Audio wasn't actually all that bad...some minor echo but not as bad as some YT vids.