Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Episode 222: Jolly Oli Gray

Welcome to episode 222.  We are proud to present our interview with Oliver Gray.  He has a lots of interesting things to say about all of our favorite topics including -- but not limited to -- his counter storage system known as the Great Wall of Raaco, his collection of counters, WW2 history books,  his Battleschool dice, and of course his Advanced Squad Leader collection itself.

He is currently play testing the Konigsberg Pack for George Kellin at Lone Canuck Publishing, and has play tested Scotland the Brave for Ray Tapio at Critical Hit. He has been doing proofreading for Alan Findley of Broken Ground and he is a huge fan of Bounding Fire Productions products. Olli used to run a local ASL club in Scotland where he provided all the kit (he certainly has enough),  and .up until a couple of years ago he had a semi regular get together for ASLers at Highlander Games in Dundee. Olli is a Veteran and served many years in the British Royal Air Force and loves a good old malt whisky. Here's to Olli.....cheers.....clink and drink.

59:45 Total Running Time

Oregon Laminating Corner Cutters


  1. Such a great interview. Just a joy to listen to. Cheers to Olli and the 2 Half-Squads!!!

  2. Great Interview, now if only Pete would come on too

  3. Pete will be great to have on the show! Let us know when you are ready Pete. If anyone can get us an interview with Mark Nixon or Bob McNamara that would be appreciated also.

  4. Just got back into he hobby, and just found your podcast. Looking forward to more and I have quite a lot of catching up to do. Thanks!

  5. Welcome back into the fold Tom. Happy gaming.

  6. Hey fellows! You keep those great interviews and ASL talk coming. Been listening since 2011 and enjoy every podcast!!! HAPPY SUMMER 2019!