Monday, December 2, 2019

Episode 235: Dashing Dave Ramsey and the ASL Archive

Dave Ramsey ASLer and ASL Archive Manager
Dave Ramsey operates the fantastic Advanced Squad Leader website The ASL Archive. You kind find a trove of interesting ASL material here, publications, scenarios reviews, opponents wanted and even a source that tells you the average length of a scenario. The audio quality is a bit uneven and we apologize but you will learn of all the angles that you can get on a scenario in this interview with Dave.

55:10 Total Running Time

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  1. Great to see a new episode up so soon after the last one guys

  2. yeah, good work guys

  3. Thanks lads! Sorry the audio was a bit rough.

  4. It was a great interview and Dave's site is a true Gem. I utilize it on nearly a daily basis. One of my favorite places on the net. The audio was rough and I did miss a few things that Dave said, but gives me a good reason to listen to the podcast again. Thanks for the great interviews. It's great to meet some of the great contributors to the ASL Community.

  5. Long time listener, first time poster. Just wanted to say thanks for the hours and hours of content you two (and your guests, commenters/posters) have provided over the years. I'm still back at episode 105, working my way towards episode 235+, so hello from 2013!

    As an aside, it'll be interesting to see if my monster solo Red Barricades + Red Factories campaign will finish before or after I go through the 2 Half-Squads podcast backlog! (It'll be you guys for sure)

  6. Did you say SOLO campaign? Track your hours on that one and keep us posted! Thanks for letting us know that you are out there listening.

  7. Haha, yeah, its up on Gamesquad somewhere if you frequent that place.