Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Episode 236: How to Defensive Fire During the Holidays Like a Pro

Dave editing at his local Photos dining place. 
Greetings Cheery Holiday Listeners,
We believe you will forgive our slightly longer than usual banter, when you hear the heartfelt sharing that is included therein. Please remember to see your doctor.  In our Rules segment we cover First Fire rules and marvel that it took us nearly eleven years to get to them.  Learn all about First Fire in our usual kind of quiz show format.  You get to see what you know as you try to guess the answers along with us.  Review those FFMO and FFNAM modifiers while you listen.
Get over to the new Italian ASL company and pre-order Brevity Assault and Biazza Ridge.

1:00 Banter
15:00 The Rules Rule
47:00 Letters
1:13:40 Total Running Time

Advancing Fire Game Company

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1 comment:

  1. Gents

    A very Happy Holidays to the two of you!! Thanks so much for another year of the 2HalfSquads. I find myself quite fortunate because you show no signs of stopping. Defensive Fire is certainly an art I have yet to master (along with Routing and 99.9% of the game). Thanks for shedding light into the otherwise pitch black recesses of my mind.

    All the very best in the New Year ahead to you and yours. Above all - good health!

    Warm regards,