Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Episode 237: The Fight for Seoul on New Years Day

Greetings Listeners,
Best wishes for the New Year from our broadcast to yours!
We want to thank you for all of your amazing support over the years. We owe so much to you all.
Listen and see if you have won the French Counters.The drawing happens now.

Dave Kand Dave T played Trap by Mishap SV12 from the Swedish Volunteers. There is an after action report in this show. Photos can be found on our Twitter feed.  We also recount a Desperado miniatures game that we played as well as a game of Space Empires that Jeff played. We also tear into the latest box of ASL goodness called The Fight for Seoul.

Desperado Zombie Game 

Get over to the new Italian ASL company and pre-order Brevity Assault and Biazza Ridge.

1:00 Auld Lang Syne and Chat
12:35 Drawing for French Counters
16:30 What Have You Been Playing Lately
28:00 What's in the Box?
52:10  Total Running Time

Advancing Fire Game Company
Le Franc Tireur Korea Game

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  1. Happy, Healthy and Safe New Year!! While I won't be playing any Korean War ASL, still enjoyed listening to your "What's in the Box" segment. Jeff, have fun in Italy! My wife and I were there last May. We both really enjoyed ourselves. We spent a couple of days in Rome, then drove to a farm on the border of Tuscany / Umbria. Had our own AirBnB cottage from which we ventured forth and explored the countryside, cities and towns. If you have the chance try "Bistecca alla Florentina" you won't be sorry... but please bring your appetite! Ciao