Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Episode 238: That's Amore!

Buon Giormo, O e la sera dove sei?

 We are happy to bring you the tale of Jeff's Italian Trip.  Sadly he could not meet up with the wonderful gentlemen from the new Italian game company Advancing Fire while he was there. We suggest you go to their site and pre-order Brevity Assault and Biazza Ridge. Our "Letters" segment provides a delizioso distraction from ordinary life by providing some Advanced Squad Leader talk.
Did you know that there are a ton of ezines published by the Texas ASL guys?  The mag is called Banzai!!; and we review volume 24 issue 2 in this show.  It has a great article that explains how to execute a Banzai charge using the Starter Kit rules. Enjoy and Caio!

1:00 Jeff's Italian Adventures
18:15 Letters
39:0 What Have You Been Playing Lately
49:00 What's in the Box?
1:02:45  Total Running Time

ASL Open Tournament
Banzai!! Volume 24 issue 2

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Some real art for Box Art Review

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