Sunday, February 2, 2020

Episode 239: SFF, DFF, and TMI

You may want to listen to our Banter in this show, we discuss our various medical problems so.....yeah....on second thought......maybe you won't want to....too much information.
If you came here for ASL all the time, you came to the mostly right place. The good news is that you can learn a lot about defensive fire in our rules segment. Listen along and see what you know about the rules, and what you can learn about the rules of the greatest game in the world, Advanced Squad Leader. Woof, Woof.

1:00 Our health stories and adventures.
17:00 Rules
57:30 Total Running Time

ASL Open Tournament

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  1. Hey Dave and Jeff! Happy Valentines Day! Really enjoyed this episode's discussion of defensive fire. Keep up the great work!