Monday, February 17, 2020

Episode 240: Game of the Rising Sun

Our banter this time includes a little bit about long range guns and such in WWI and buzz bombs in WWII. Some random thoughts on systems of government abound herein. If you are hoping to win the Broken Ground Design British counters, please note that your entry is due by March 15th. Listen closely to this episode for the specific instructions needed to  get into the drawing. Jeff takes us on a walk through Spilky chart #11. We round out the hour with Dave K, Mike R, Dave T, and Chris W discussing their first impressions of their first Korean scenario in a round table type format.  Roll low and rally well, but not when you're playing us!

0:015 Game of the Rising Sun (lyrics and credits below)
14:00 Nor'Easter Announcement
16:00 New Communist Chinese Counters Reviewed
23:00 British Counter Giveaway Announcement
28:00 Machine Gun Rules
57:30 Total Running Time

ASL Open Tournament
Nor' Easter Tourny 2020

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Rally Phase Records presents!!

"Game Of The Rising Sun"

To the tune of the Animals’ “House of the Rising Sun”

Concept: Dennis Donovan

Vocals: Stephen Stewart

Mixing: Stephen Stewart

There is an ASL module
It’s called the Rising Sun
And it’ll be out-of-print, for many long years
‘Least ‘til twenty thirty one

There was Code of Bushido
It covered the PTO thing
Then there was, for the Gung Ho! man
The Chinese and the Marines

Once the only thing ASLers need
To get PTO in one chunk
Is to go on ebay or check world-wide
And pay thousands of bucks

[Kazoo solo]

Oh mother of my children
For my birthday I want one
Spend your pay should you find one some day

Buy MMPs Rising Sun

Support MMP it’s just good form
I’ll give you a little hint
Purchase at the least seventeen copies
If it’s ever back in print

There is an ASL module
They call the Rising Sun
It's on the list of many ASL boys
And God I know I'm one


  1. Hey guys, the V3 cannon followed the same naming scheme as the V1 and V2 rockets but is entirely a different thing. The V3 was an extremely long barrel mated with a number of different chambers. As the V3 fired its shell and the projectile progressed through the barrel, the other chambers would be tuned to detonate explosive charges subsequently to increase and/or maintain the projectiles velocity. The project as a whole is a failure, as the tolerances for the mechanisms involved, the low barrel life, cost, among other issues, were too much to overcome and the V3 was hardly ever used as a result.

    As for the Paris Gun, there's at least one other railway gun that could outrange it, namely the Krupp K-5 which could lob its projectile over 94 miles. There's at least two surviving examples too, with one in Virginia and the other in France.

    Since I can't rate my own comment as informative, I will rate this episode "Dull".

  2. Yep, learned about the V3 for the first time, and Jeff (as always) is right. It is a cannon.

    Dan in Vancouver