Friday, May 8, 2020

Episode 246: Back to the Family

Here is a show produced entirely in the Kleinschmidt household. We cover a bunch of back logged letters, dating back to February. Shame on us for being so delinquent. But at least here they are now and they are read by our guests Aaron and Laura Kleinschmidt.  Did we ever mention that "Operation Schmidt" should have been called "Operation Kleinschmidt"?    

In the digital box is the newest issue of Banzai from the Texas ASL gang and it is full of the usual tactics, reviews, and great opinions that we have come to expect from them.   Please pardon Dave's sniffles.  We couldn't edit them all out.

3:00 Letters
32:00 What's in the Box?
100:02 Total Running Time

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  1. Gentleman: seriously...where is box art review? The Americian people especially the Advanced Squad Leader community needs you support and encouragement during this time. Please include a constructive and well thought out analysis of Croix de Guerre 2nd edition box art. Not just a simple description of artwork but rather what genre inspired the artist - what can you tell about the poilu aiming his MAS Modele 36 (where was he born? what dreams does he have for future of his country) Please gentleman return to your roots!!!!!!

  2. Thank you Dr. Fauci for keeping us safe and for listening. You will be glad to know The 2 Half-Squads are recording from two different broadcast foxholes. We will be getting to that Box Art Review soon. Thanks for the reminder and support.