Thursday, May 14, 2020

Episode 247: Curse Skype, Love VASL

Well, Skype seems to make Dave's voice sound like he is on a telephone. Which, we guess, he
technically is.  In the box is Adam Lunney's wonderful book "We Together".  Adam tells the untold story of the 451 and 453  Australian Squadrons in WWII.  Give it a read.
We recount our playing of  AP 118 Wise's War on VASL of course. And then we thought it would be fun to explore the controls on Virtual Advanced Squad Leader live on the air.  We thought it would be fun but you may think otherwise after you have a listen.

1:00 Banter
12:45 What's in the Box?
21:00 What We've Been Playing Lately!
30:00 VASL Explored
1:00:43 Total Running Time

The 2 Half-Squads
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  1. Heya folks, you realise of course that folks also use DISCORD for voice when playing VASL. Jeff's already in the ADVANCED SQUAD LEADER CENTRAL server on DISCORD. Dave - here's your invite

    Rgds Jack

  2. You know, you can have a voice chatroom with a number of ASL'rs on DISCORD and make that a show. Let me know if you want to explore that idea. Rgds Jack

  3. Be sure to occasionally click "Save Game" in the File menu as you play in case the server crashes or something else interrupts you. And you can click "Begin Logfile" to save the entire session to scroll through later.

  4. Hi guys! Welcome to the wide-wide-world of VASL. You were talking about saving a VASL game as a text file. It will make a text list of each counter and the hex they are in. I use that when I do a set up at home and bring it to a tournament or club meet. Expedites the setup process, it does.

  5. Mike R got Dave into Discord. Of course his son Adam uses it for online gaming for years. We will have to explore the Discord chat show.
    Great tips from all of you and thanks for sharing with the community (and us).

  6. Thank you for the very positive review guys, I'm glad you liked 'We Together'. FYI Alec Arnel turned 100 in April.
    Cheers, Adam.

  7. Great review of 'We Together' - I've read it but am re reading as there is so much information and it's just such a great, easy to read and informative story. A great blend of technical, strategy, personal accounts and actual warfare in the air. Highly recommend this as a gift for the man in your life and for anyone interested in WW2 history.