Sunday, May 2, 2021

Episode 271: Editor Extraordinaire: Klas Malmstrom

Klas Malmstrom: ASL Editer, Friendly Fire Playtester
Two back to back amazing interviews. Wow! (If we do say so ourselves).  
Have you ever wondered how SSR's are written so that they have some consistancy? Have you ever wondered if Advanced Squad Leader games could have been even more complex than they already are? Well, the answers to these fascinating questions can be found right here in our interview with the amazing Klas Malmstrom. 

1:00 Too Much Banter?
14:14 Interview with Klas

1:03:16  Total Running Time


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  1. No quiz time - Jeff vs Klas? Listened to with pleasure nevertheless. Thanks!

  2. I could talk about what an indispensable part of the Festung Budapest HASL development team Klas was. From his command of the ASL rules, to his thoughtful and insightful questions and suggestions relative to the development of the module helped make it what it is. How his keen observational skills found any number of counter errors and scenario issues that had gone overlooked by others. I could talk about all of those things at length. Rather, I'd just like to say what an outstanding individual Klas is for what he gives to this hobby, in so many ways. So, I encourage all of the ASL players out there to give this episode a listen and then drop Klas a note and say, "thanks for all you do!". We are a much better community because of people like Klas.

  3. Klas played a critical role in turning Forgotten War into a polished, nearly errata-free final product. The guy is brilliant.

    Ken Katz