Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Episode 272: Bravo Biazza!

This show opens with some lovely letters and then an in depth look at Biazza Ridge from Advancing Fire.  Our very special guest Mike Ryzy helps us to give a run down of how this new mini campaign works. It is more of a group of connected and related scenarios that can be traced on a large operational map. This fantastic new offering is sadly, sold out, at this point in time.  You can still get the 2nd game from Advancing Fire; Brevity Assault, from their website and other retail outlets. We will provide a look at that game a few shows from now. Look for it soon. 

Don't forget you can contact... 
Mr. Carl Nogueira
7 Green Street
New Bedford, MA 02740
for the NorEaster Packs (PDF only) under the Yankee ASL Label. 

1:00 Banter
8:30 Letters 
27:15 What's in the Box?
58:37  Total Running Time 

Advancing Fire (a new ASL producer from Italy)

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  1. Heads up. The title, description, and picture say you're talking about Biazza Ridge (Invasion of Italy, Operation Husky), but you're actually talking about the Brevity Assault module (N. Africa, Halfaya Pass area)

  2. Actually, VASL does compute height now too also. You have to use the arrow keys with shift and ctrl :-)

  3. As Carl mentioned, VASL absolutely does have elevation LOS tools included. It tells you everything. You just need to define the source and target elevations suing the arrow keys along with shift or cntrl (don't remember which is for which). Everything is documented in the VASL manual. Yes, there's even a short manual. Also, LOS is included on some HASL's specifically Red October and Red Barricades, maybe also Singling. It's in progress on Dinant and the others will have it some day as well.