Tuesday, January 4, 2022

Episode 287: ASLOK is Over

We sure enjoyed Dennis Donovan's rendition of his humorous song that opened the show. ASLOK is over, but it will return next fall. The lyrics are below.  

The Rule covered is A15. Heat of Battle.  There are a lot of good things in that rule like, Hero Creation, Berserk, and the deadly Surrender.

0:01 Song ASLOK is Over 'til Next October
2:35 Chit Chat
13:00 Rules!
1:07:40 Total Running Time


Rally Phase Records Presents!
ASLOK is Over, 'til Next October
Sung to the tune of I'm Looking Over a Four Leaf Clover by Art Mooney
Concept and Lyrics: Dennis Donovan 

ASLOK is over, 'til next October
The fun is done for sure.
One day next Autumn we'll do it again
Playing ASL with all of our friends
No use complaining, no times remaining
for something we all adore. 
ASLOK is over, 'til next October
so come back next year for more.

Things to think over for next October:
Maybe play Corregidor.
Enter a mini, or start a campaign!
Become the GROFAZ, for fortune and fame.
Even if it's raining, we'll be there playing
up on the hotels top floor.
Start looking over, your Red October
Look at the balance in ROAR.

ASLOK is over, 'til next October
Bendis is the new Grofaz.
Second is Cummins, he played a great game.
They'll be back next year to throw down again.
No need explaining, no one's remaining
to play the game that we adore. 
When ASLOK is over, you'll see slumped shoulders
Everybody's all gone home. 

The 2 Half-Squads is brought to you by our Patreons and Bounding Fire Productions. 


  1. 20:20 You said that a Berserk result on HOB is changed to Battle Hardening for a unit in a pillbox. This only applies to Japanese (G1.62)

  2. 25:20 A.18 Morale Level Ceiling [EXC: Spinal Tap] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4xgx4k83zzc

  3. It seems you are correct about Japanese and HoB. Thanks for the correction.
    Your Spinal Tap reference is brilliant!

  4. Another good podcast as always. The rules section dialog is very helpful. Keep going Downtown.

  5. We will try. Thanks for the encouragement.