Friday, January 14, 2022

Episode 288: Joe Leoce of Albany

Joe Leoce is not really "of Albany" as in "he lives in Albany".  But he is the guy that started the New York State Advanced Squad Leader Championship. Otherwise known as the Albany Tournament. Joe worked with Trezza for many years on it, then Pleva came to help make it one of the best Tournaments in the U.S.   He also designs and builds some dioramas/models that are used as the prizes!

Joe had an ASL game story published in the old Fire for Effect Fanzine in 1993 and another in Critical Hit. There is some great history in this interview. Joe's love for the greatest game in the world is infectious indeed. 

0:30 Interview with Joseph Leoce
1:02:14 Total Running Time


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Hong Kong Wargamer said...

Joe Leoce's "CH97 Final Crisis at Blackpool"

Hong Kong Wargamer said...

Absolutely wonderful interview with Joe! I dropped into Albany in 2014 as a total newbie completely out of the blue and he made me feel SO welcomed that it really impacted how I feel about the global ASL community.

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