Wednesday, March 2, 2022

Episode 291: Prokhorovka Power!

 While we chit chat we give you look at Dave's new gaming table from Wyrmwood, and a few of the ASL scenarios being played upon said table. Then comes the moment you all have been waiting for. In the Box we find Advancing Fire's Prokhorovka! This one packs a whopping five maps, a ton of scenarios and not too many odd new rules. If you love tank battles you are going to love this one.  

Thanks to Stephen Banks we have Beyond Valor and YANKS for sale on ebay.  Click on the link to go there and bid. You can support the show AND get a great value in return. Ends 3/6/22.

0:21 Chit Chat 
28:45 What's in the Box?
48:55  Total Running Time


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  1. Thanks for the mention guys. Sorry to see Beyond Valor didn't sell. Yanks did though (was it not unpunched?). Always glad to support. Roll low & rally well. Best wishes from the Philippines!