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Rich Spilky's ASL Rules Tables (PDF format)

147: Ukulele Jeff
146: Beat Me in St. Louis
145: Utterly Eric
144: When Jeff Doesn't Say Ummm
143: Kelln, the Canuck
142: What, No Sump Pump Rules?
141: The Great Unwashed
140: Aesthetic Arrest
139: Welk-ome to Season 8!
138: Hakkaa Paalle Finnalle!
137: Into the Wild Blue Yonder
136: Spinning Our Wheels
135: Don't Sleaze Me
134: T2HS Greatest Hits Part IV
133: Pianissimo and Three Player Games
132: The One with the Harp
131: Christmas Special with Pine Trees
130: Dolan Out Wisdom
129: Why Knott PBEM?
128: Wilkommen the Box
127: Tarawa Take Two
126: The 2 Fruit-Cakes
125: A Pestilence is Upon Us
124: Tarawa-boom-de-ay
123: T2HS Greatest Hits Part Three
122: Interdicting Dandelions With Dennis
121: Water Works
120: We Apologize Ahead of Time
119: Listen or Elst
118: The King is Dead
117: Roll Low and Nap Well
116: We're at the End of Our Tether
115: Sidhu Roubidoux and an Annual Too
114: Action Pack 9 and Other Stories
113: Perry Sez So
112: We're Fired
111: Let's Debrief
110: Greatest Hits Part 2
109: You've Been Promoted
108: The Invisible Man and Other Models
107: Dethlefsen Take Two
106: Steve Dethlefsen Speaks
105: The Phone Lines are Open
104: Guns, Tomatoes and Steel
103: Rally 'Round the Rising Sun
102: Can't Stir 'em with a Stick
101: Greatest Hits Part 1
Episode 100: Episode 100!
Episode 99: Cleetus Returns
Episode 98: Bridges and Box Art, Baby!
Episode 97: Night Witches and Banzais
Episode 96: Budapest Slugfest with Bill Cirillo
Episode 95: Twelve Heads on a Shelf
Episode 94: No Place Like Cholm
Episode 93: Where's the Wasabi?
Episode 92: Tank-Hunting, Krupnikas-Drinking Heroes
Episode 91: Round Table #3 The Last of The Last Bid
Episode 90: Counter Attack
Episode 89: Turning to the Japanese
Episode 88: Broadway Dracula
Episode 87: 20% About the Greatest Game in the World
Episode 86: Get Your Barricades On
Episode 85: Lots o' Boxes
Episode 84: Thank God for Tenure
Episode 83: ASL Show and Tell 4 & 5
Episode 82: Happy Landings
Episode 81: Muddy Holiday AAR
Episode 80: Doomed Battalions in a Box
Episode 79: Good Morin'
Episode 78: Vic's Visit
Episode 77: Show and Tell 1-3
Episode 76: Line of Sight Insight
Episode 75: PJ Norton's Take
Episode 74: You've Been Set-up
Episode 73: Now in STEREO!
Episode 72: DC and Darn Cranky
Episode 71: Bob, Bob, Bobbin' Along
Episode 70: To Kill a Panzerbird
Episode 69: The Show with No Name
Episode 68: Stahlwart Stahler
Episode 67: ASL Open 2012
Episode 66: Festung Fest
Episode 65: Daveford and Sons
Episode 64: Nights in White Phosphorous
Episode 63: ASL Night Fever
Episode 62: Starry, Starry Starshell
Episode 61: Night Vision
Episode 60: Dalton 2 -- MMP Update
Episode 59: Tracy Time
Episode 58: Looney Times
Episode 57: Ian Daglish Tribute
Episode 56: Stack Attack
Episode 55: Round Table II
Episode 54: Back to [Battle] School
Episode 53: My Better Half-Track
Episode 52: From the Land Down Under
Episode 51: Close Combat
Episode 50: Fabulous Fifty
Episode 49: Housman
Episode 48: The Rich is Back
Episode 47: Fish 'n' Action
Episode 46: Sherry Anyone?
Episode 45: Horse Sense
Episode 44: And the Winner Is...
Episode 43: Perry Tales
Episode 42: ASLOK After Action Report
Episode 41: The Art of War
Episode 40: Effective Shelling
Episode 39: Go With the Flow
Episode 38: Odds & Ends & a PAASL of Trouble
Episode 37: The ABC's of OBA
Episode 36: Bungle in the Blood and Jungle
Episode 35: ASL Open 2010
Episode 34: Wholly Smoke
Episode 33: Smoke 'Em If You Got 'Em
Episode 32: A View from the Hill
Episode 31: Tables for 2
Episode 30: All That Chas
Episode 29: Office Party
Episode 28: Get thee to a Gunnery
Episode 27: Don't Pass Me By
Episode 26: Round Table 1
Episode 25: Marking Time
Episode 24: Get Movin
Episode 23: Prep School
Episode 22: Light 'em Up
Episode 21: Lighten Up
Episode 20: The Thuring Point
Episode 19: Rally Ho
Episode 18
Episode 17
Episode 16
Episode 15
Episode 14
Episode 13
Episode 12
Episode 11
Episode 10
Episode 9
Episode 8
Episode 7
Episode 6
Episode 5
Episode 4
Episode 3
Episode 2
Episode 1

ASL Extra 22: A Bloody Harvest
ASL Extra 21: Hammer to the Teeth
ASL Extra 20: Hunters at Ylimma
ASL Extra 19: Massacre in Paradise
ASL Extra 18: War of the Rats
ASL Extra 17: Liberation of Minsk play-by-play
ASL Extra 16: To The Square
ASL Extra 15: Kamikaze Gorge
ASL Extra 14: Early Battles
ASL Extra 13: Penetration of Rostov
ASL Extra 12: Maczek Fire Brigade
ASL Extra 11: Hart Attack
ASL Extra 10: Red Don
ASL Extra 9: 88’s At Zon + More
ASL Extra 8: Monty’s Gamble
ASL Extra 7: Burial Mound
ASL Extra 6: Mayhem in Manila
ASL Extra 5: Raff's Dilemma
ASL Extra 4: Flanking Flamethrowers
ASL Extra 3: Prelude to Festung Brest
ASL Extra 2: Frontal Assault
ASL Extra 1: Village of the Damned
Newbie-Do Part 1
Newbie-Do #2: Over Open Sights


Ed said...

Only one comment - when I use "Down Them All" I don;t get any of the "special's", like the Village of the Damned etc. Might wish to add link for that.

But thanks for setting it up this way! I was doing them 1 at a time and that was a real pain. Now I can start it and come back later and there they will be. ;-)

The 2 Half-Squads said...

Thanks for the nudge to get this done, Ed. All episodes and extras are now available.

Ed said...

Well, thanks for adding them, but more importantly thank you for taking the time to do the show!

FWIW - There are 3 of the mp3 file links I continue to get 404 errors for, so there must actually be a typo or folder name error or something. They are episodes 19, 6 & 7, I'll paste them in case it helps.




The 2 Half-Squads said...

Thanks for checking our work, Ed. All fixed.

John Sturm said...

Thank you for posting them one one page. The episodes with subtitles are helpful reminders to the shows contents. I wish episodes 1 through 18 had them. When can we expect newbie-do 2 or the remake?

Anonymous said...

Newbie do is great for the newbie I am. Please do post some more !

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

get thee to a gunnery - don't forget Mortars have rate for Area Fire.

Anonymous said...

'Normal Captured Use penalties apply to the Free French use of the German MMG.'

ASL S16 bottom of scenario, special rule 2!

Anonymous said...

Episode 28 404 file not found

The 2 Half-Squads said...

Episode 28 link now fixed. Thanks for the heads-up.

Anonymous said...

Just found your website and podcast(s)! Good Job!
I have downloaded the first 18 episodes + a couple of later ones. I played the original Squad Leader back in the early 80s. Not sure if my 61 year old gray matter can get around ALL THE RULES!!!

The 2 Half-Squads said...

Oh yes it can, and doing so will help to keep our old grey matter YOUNG!

Anonymous said...
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Joseph said...

Hey guys, as an fyi, episode 1 isn't being recognized. Producing a fault when trying to download. Aaahh the fun of having a NAS that crashes. Personal opinion, never buy a BufTech NAS.

The 2 Half-Squads said...

Hi Joseph. Thanks for writing. We're finding no having downloading or listening to Episode 1. Not sure what you mean about the crashing NAS. We don't use a NAS to deliver content. Our audio files are hosted in the cloud by a streaming service called Podbean. Anyway, please shoot us an email if you continue to have problems.

Joseph said...

Thanks guys, it works now. Was getting a scripting error (it would kick out the xml script not the mp3) when trying to download.

My NAS, a Buffalo Tech one, crashed and died. Normally NAS's can handle a single platter going out and reconstruct itself. But when the power supply board that drives two platters dies, your lost. Appears to have happened a lot, as subsequently Buffalo Tech raised their warranty from 1 year to 3 years. In addition, there are a lot for sale on eBay for parts. Guess what that means. Raising the warranty that high doesn't happen cause they are feeling jolly, its all a risk analysis study.

Odd thing is my 8TB NAS is still working, but it's the later build 12TB NAS that I bought about three years after that died. Yep, 1 year 3 months, 3 months after the 1 year warrenty and about 6 months short of the expanded warranty offering. /whining end

Sam said...

How many episodes are there where you mention my name? Just kidding... keep up the great work.

The 2 Half-Squads said...

A lot!

Unknown said...

says down them all is not compatible with my version og firefox. i have the newest version

Rick said...

Great job with the podcast and congratulations on all of your episodes. Do you happen to know which episodes have interviews with MMP representatives? Do you happen to have an index for what topics are on each episode? A lot of work...

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