Saturday, July 7, 2012

Episode 72: DC and Darn Cranky

Fireworks are an essential ingredient in any celebration of Independence Day in the US. But you don't have to be from the USA to enjoy the art of pyrotechnics. In fact, in Advanced Squad Leader, use of the Demolition Charge -- or DC -- is employed and enjoyed by all nationalities. What's that? You're a little arsonphobic? Listen in and we'll tell you how to get comfortable handling these powerful, useful tools.

First, though, we'll read some listener mail. Then Jeff has a little fireworks display of his own in a cranky tirade about . . . well, we won't say right here. Fortunately, Dave brings some peace and love back to the show by playing the final entries in our "You know you play too much Advanced Squad Leader When . . ." contest, followed with an announcement of a new contest.

You'd better listen to this show. BOOM BABY!

Texas-ASL Group's XX (Dos Equis) Scenario Pack

11:00 - Letters
19:00 - Cranky Jeff
24:00 - Contest
30:00 - Spilky Tips
34:00 - Auction Update
41:00 - DC Rules
1:27:00 - Total Running Time

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