Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Episode 115: Sidhu, Roubidoux, and an Annual Too

We had a marvelous time at the ASL Open a few weeks ago. What a glorious way to honor the first nice weather day of the year -- sequestered in a windowless room of men, listening to the soft tinkle of dice in jars, the rising murmur of voices in intense competition, then the shouting and throwing of furniture. Ahhh. Amid the melee we managed to record some excellent interviews, drink a beer or two, say hello to Shelling, Hildebran and Bendis, and even got in a game ourselves. At least we got outside for a few minutes to stroll to lunch accompanied by (ASL Open 2014 champion) Rich Spilky, Bob Banozic, Lars Thuring and several other prominent ASLers. Have we dropped enough names yet?.

Of the several interviews, we present two of them in this show. Paul Sidhu of Blood Reef Tarawa Gamer Guide fame, and Doug Roubidoux who brought us the recent ASL vehicle cards.

Later, Dave takes a look at the ASL Annual '93a, which includes some great gaming tips to improve your Advanced Squad Leader play, so listen carefully kids!

And don't forget to let us know when/if you ever let others win and why/why not to be entered into our contest to win valuable prizes.

1:00 -Intro at the Open
11:00 - Kind of an Interview with Dave Goldman
15:45 - Paul Sidhu
24:30 -Doug Roubidoux
39:15 - Annual '93a (and tactical tips from therein)
1:04:44 - Total Running Time

ASL Open After Action Report

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  1. Is this episode's title a play on the film title 'Rita, Sue and Bob too'?