Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Episode 197: RB CG III w/ RS, BB and DD

Photos courtesy of Dan Dolan Studios.
Break out your Red Barricades map and follow along as Rich Spilky and Bob Brown discuss campaign game III with the author of an article that provided Rich with a winning strategy. Dan Dolan's article was published back in 1993 in a fanzine called Fire for Effect that was published by Marc Hannah. It is fun to hear the three of them discuss the game and the fact that Rich was using his "radio" to stay in contact with Dan (who provided the wonderful photos, by the way).


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59:59  Total Running Time 
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  1. Hey fellas,

    I'm about as new to playing ASL as a guy can get and wanted to let you know I've been listening to your show for about a month now during my commute. Started with the current issues but am now listening to them from both ends ( up to 128 from the bottom and about 185 from the top). I absolutely loved this episode! I have the Red Factories on Pre-order and am really looking forward to it now. Hope to see you continue well beyond episode 200.

  2. Thanks for the kind words. You must have a lot of stamina to endure our productions. Rich, Dan and Mike did a wonderful job indeed in bringing us a clear and thorough look at RB CG III. Thanks again!

  3. Dave and Jeff,

    So close to episode 200! It will be a milestone in history, like Queen Victoria's Jubilee!

    Seriously though, I hope you two know how much we appreciate all the years of hard work you've put into this!


  4. It doesn’t take much to stop the river side blitz.

    First, as the Russian I ALWAYS fortify the W10 and put one of the ATG in the upstairs. Then all you need are 3 trenches...V5, X5, Y3.

    This completely stops the threats of the infantry laden HT. And it doesn’t take a lot of resources.

    The ATG and the trench in V5 is SOP any time I play the Rssians and it doesn’t soak off much resource from the West.

    Tate Rogers

  5. Thanks for the great tactical tips........and for listening.

  6. The success Rich had in this game was due more to his being a very good player. He was able to take my skeleton of a plan and make it work on the ground.

    It was fun watching,it unfold and see it succeed against a good player. I have used it several times but this was the first I’ve seen someone use and change it.

  7. Hi fellas

    Great episode. You have the FFE article posted?


  8. Hi Guys, was reading/watching/listening in, and I think there was a small but significant error. It concerns isolation and its effects on SMCs. In the show, it was stated that they must attempt escape. I think this is in error:

    First, there are four types of isolated areas:
    11.606 ISOLATION: Isolated Areas are of four types (A-D), based on the units enclosed therein:

    a) No unit(s);
    b) Only SMC of one or both sides;
    c) MMC/vehicle(s) of one side;*
    d) MMC/vehicle(s) of both sides.*

    Looking at the effect on units, we see this:
    11.6061 EFFECT ON UNITS:23 In a type B Isolated Area each enclosed SMC must attempt to Escape (11.6063). In a type C Isolated Area each enemy SMC must attempt to Escape. In a type C/D Isolated Area each unit/Weapon enclosed begins the next scenario with Ammunition Shortage (A19.131) [EXC: Escaped (11.6063); Eliminated (1l.6094-.6095, 11.610, 11.6132 and 11.6134-6136)]. The ID of some may need to be recorded to distinguish them from others not suffering the same penalties.
    It is only in a Type B isolated area that they have to escape. C and D, they get ammo shortage.

    Unless there have been some errata since my copy was made.


  9. Hey Jeff and Dave! Congratulations on broadcasting for 10 years! Quite an accomplishment!! Great episode, as always.
    BTW - "FLICKR" links to a "404" page not found message, so we cannot view photos associated with this podcast.
    Roll Low

  10. David G: .you may be right on your leaders don't need to run away in a type C situation. Looks like we got that one wrong. But I don't think that affected our game in a material way. Thanks for pointing out the specifics. R. Spilky

  11. I almost fall off my chair when I heard someone say that isolated units lose their leaders. That is not correct. No wonder the Russians lost! ;)

  12. Rich is an excellent player. I chose to play with him to improve my play. This game helped me a lot. Bob Brown

  13. Guys, I admit the russian leaders escaping was a misread of the isolation rules, but in our particular game, it really didn't make much difference. By the time it happened, things were pretty locked down for the Germans. If we would have played the rule properly, the Russian leaders would have stayed in the isolated area. This might have pospopost the inevitable by a turn or two. It would not have had a material impact in out particular game situation. R. Spilky

  14. A.2, Rich! :)

    Great podcast, btw!

  15. Just curious if Dan's FFE article is available anywhere online?

    Great podcast!