Monday, February 20, 2017

Episode 173: Into the Rubble 2

Join Jeff and Dave as they banter about classic films like Robin Hood and Stalag 17 and other things before they get to the meat of this episode. To feast on that meat you need to clear the boulders and debris to get Into The Rubble 2. It is an amazing product that you will want to add to your ASL collection for sure.

1:00 Banter
10:30 Bounding Fire Productions Ads
11:30 What's in the Box?
55:45 Total Running Time

Bounding Fire Productions
Super Chicken Theme Song

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  1. That spontaneous super chicken song was the best thing I've ever heard. Congrats Jeff and Dave. Jeff, you have a future in clucking commercials.

  2. Hey guys. Glad to see (hear) you're still around. And quite lively! Here's a question for you: What would entice you to play a computer version of ASL? In your opinion, would it be possible? I don't mean would you 'like' it, but 'world-wise' would it be possible? Yes, I know of Vassel and VASL, but I was thinking of a more contained combo teaching / playing type system vs the free-form 'do anything' capibility of VASSEL/VASL. -thanks, Joseph

  3. You left out the best scenario, at least the best title anyway - Between Rockets and a Hard Place.

    Great show! Thanks.

  4. loved the Super Chicken....YES!

  5. Hi guys,
    Thanks for another great show! I enjoyed flipping through ITR 2 while listening along with your 'What is in the box'.

    Nice impromptu 'super chicken' song! That is beforen my time, but if the theme song for Speed Racer ever cropped up, I'd be all over it.

  6. Thanks for all of your support. Next time, perhaps George of the Jungle? Go Speed Racer Go!