Monday, December 22, 2014

Episode 131: Christmas Special with Pine Trees

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and Happy Kwanza!

We gathered around the chestnuts roasting on an open fire, fired up the microphones, popped open some eggnog and produced an especially spectacular jolly holiday show. After some extra cheery banter we jump right into the snow -- uuuh...we meant to say "show" -- with some fascinating letters. The frost is scraped off the box and inside is a gift called Action Pack #10. Terrain Time covers a bundle of terrain rules including Brush, Woods, Orchards (including pear trees), Cactus Patches, and groovy Olive Groves. Now this is a great way to bring in the New Year. Cheers!

3:00 - Banter
11:20 - Letters
29:15 - What's in the Box? 
41:00 - Terrain Time 
1:05 - Spontaneous Trail Break Song
1:15:45 - Pine Tree Song
1:28:56 - Total Running Time

Action Pack #10 

LYRICS to the Human Wave Song
Two squads per hex, Con-tiguous,  A chain of three, With SMC, Not adjacent, To a unit, In Line Of Sight, Even at night, A, twenty, five, point two three. Jive, No HOB, Nor a patsy [PAATC],
Just IPC, No LTC, No pin result, Move by impulse, Cover lots of ground, Enemy’s found, Into their hex, It gets complex, FPF checks, CC effects, “Hürrah!” We cheer, Human Wave’s here,
Very, Very, Very Scary..Humans rush, Very, Very, Very Scary..Humans rush
Russians can send, Men without end, Into the fray,  Most everyday.......... Rushing head-long...

By Dennis Donovan

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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Episode 130: Dolan Out Wisdom

Dan Dolan with his game
Good Morning Campers! Here is the episode you have all been waiting for -- it is an interview with dazzling Dan Dolan. Dan has been a productive member of the Advanced Squad Leader community, having developed the Gavutu-Tanambogo mini campaign game and several scenarios.  As if that wasn't enough to cement his name into the ASL Wall of Fame, he went on to win the coveted Spuddy Award, and contributed articles to various publications like At The Point.
But the project of his that we are all looking forward to, is currently under development, The Dinant Bridgehead

1:00 - Bantero
14:00 - Letters (the Call-in Kind)
24:30 - Interview with Dan Dolan
1:24:55 - Total Running Time

Asia Pac Advanced Squad Leader (ASL) Rally Point

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Sunday, December 7, 2014

Episode 129: Why Knott PBEM?

Ken doesn't let his wilderness
home keep him from playing plenty
of ASL thanks to VASL
After much delay, avoidance, postponement and procrastination, we finally took the time to learn the facts, physics and fun of PBEM (Play By EMail), and for this we turned to experienced VASLer and loyal T2HS fan, Ken Knott. If your spouse hasn't already questioned your sanity regarding your sad devotion to Advanced Squad Leader, wait till she finds out about the virtual friends you're playing with.

17:30 - Letters
36:20 - What Have You Been Playing Lately? A Tarawa AAR
46:45 - VASL and PBEM talk with Ken Knott
1:34:20 - Total Running Time

Hit the Beach SoCal ASL Newsletter

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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Episode 128: Wilkommen the Box

Willkommen, bienvenue, and welcome!  Fremde, etranger, stranger. Gluklich zu sehen, je suis enchante, We're glad you're here.
And welcome to another somewhat amazing episode of The 2 Half-Squads, featuring the most beloved and revered segment in all game-casting -- What's in the Box?  Tonight we took a look inside and discovered the ASL Mannual '98, a wonderful piece of Advanced Squad Leader satire brought to us by Rob Seulowitz and Tom Repetti. It takes a loving yet mischievous look at our favorite game and the colorful characters who make up its community. We're glad we weren't around at the time of its production as we would have, no doubt, been skewered, roasted, tarred, feathered and and generally dealt our just deserts.

Just as handsome on cardboard as in real life.
(courtesy of Dennis Donovan)
Speaking of deserts, we decided one "What's in the Box" offerings was not enough, so we took another peek and discovered both MMP's Special Ops #5, and Out of the Attic #1. And after all of that, we sneaked just one more look in that Box and were thrilled to discover Dispatches from the Bunker #39.

In addition to all those glances in boxes, Dave offers a review of the book, Weimar Germany Promise and Tragedy.

1:00 Banter
10:00 What's in the Box? - ASL Mannual '98 (download PDF here)
28:40 What's in Box? - Special Ops #5
36:00 What's in Box? - Out of the Attic #1
56:00 Book Review - Weimar Germany: Promise and Tragedy by Weitz
1:05:00 What's in the Box - Gifts! That's Cool -- for us
1:17:50 Dispatches From the Bunker #39
1:21:40 Total Running Time

The Shot of Adolf Dave Refers to in Triumph of the Will

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Friday, October 31, 2014

Episode 127: Tarawa Take Two

In case you're tired of Halloween-themed shows, you've come to the right place. Released to the world on this very All Hallows Eve 2014, this episode has almost nothing Halloweeny in it. What IS scarey is that after 127 episodes we continue to unearth things to talk about -- mostly regarding the greatest game in the world, Advanced Squad Leader. And still, after all this time, unsuspecting boys and girls like you come to our door in search of ASL goodies. Will this episode be a treat? Or a trick? You'll have to listen to find out.

1:20 Chat
13:00 You Must Buy a T-Shirt Even if it is Too Big For You Segment
24:14 Letters
38:00 Rules Tarawa
1:20:50 Tarawa Footnotes
1:35:10 ORT

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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Episode 126: The 2 Fruit-Cakes

Sometimes writing these little introductory paragraphs is really hard. And sometimes it's really easy and the words and ideas just flow. Today, perhaps because the ideas are flowing like asphalt, we are wondering, does anyone besides us READ them or appreciate the effort that goes into them? This is, after all, an audio show. If you get a chance, let us know your thoughts, and we'll take this opportunity to dispense with raking our brains for witty verbiage and just get on with matters at hand.

In this episode we take a look at Le Franc Tireur's resurrection -- or is it resuscitation -- of Deluxe ASL. Deluxe Pack #1 is available in the USA from Bounding Fire Productions. Great stuff! There's also a good bit of interesting news and not-so-interesting RULES. Not-so-interesting, that is, unless you are a hopeless grognard or some other kind of geek. And if you are . . . cool!

One of Jeff's favorite toys as a kid.
Come to think of it, he likes as an adult, too!

1:00 - Greetings and Chat
8:50 - In the News
23:00 -The Rules
30:00 - Quiz Show Hills and Climbing
1:02:00 - What's in the Box?
1:30:45 - Total Running Time

Weird WWII
10 Amazing Things Recently Found from WWII
Battleship Potemkin Part 1 Maggots
Potemkin Odessa Steps Sequence

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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Episode 125: A Pestilence is Upon Us

Here we go with yet another, yes . . . another, episode of the one and only podcast dedicated 100% (give or take 50%) to the greatest game in the world Advanced Squad Leader. Letters make their long awaited return and provide a springy springboard into many ASL topics. Then we hop into the Wayback Machine for a trip to ancient times and relieve the goodness of ASL Annual '96. The Annual contains great gaming tips from many of the ASL communities best players who contributed articles on Gliders, the ins and outs of Motion (only ASL can turn a simple concept into a brain snarl), and CX double-timing. We present to you a trove of ASL wisdom -- wrapped in a lot of silly chit-chat.

2:00 - Banter
13:00 - Letters
21:00 - New Contest Announced
34:50 -What's In the Box - Annual '96
1:17:15 - Total Running Time

ASL on Reddit
Add On Tarawa Map
J.R. Tracy Honored on Gamesquad

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Thursday, September 25, 2014

ASL Extra 18: War of the Rats

In this ASL Extra it's Dave vs. Dave. Not Dave K. vs. Dave T., but Dave K. vs. Dave K.  Yes, Dave K. had to develop a bit of a split personality to record this episode. In this replay he shows his true geekiness as he plays Starter Kit Scenario, S3 War of the Rats without a real opponent. Must have been a slow night in Stalingrad. If you get a lot of ROF, you could call it the War of the Rates.

Be prepared to listen to a whopping 3 hours plus of ASL education. This isn't just a summary of a game. Yes, every delicious die roll and modifier is included for your edification. This is a long awaited, oft requested special treat for you ASL Starter Kit players, and we hope to bring you more in the -- hopefully not too distant -- future. Sadly, it seems like everything is in the distant future, as there is so much to cover in this game system. But you never know, maybe it will be sooner after all.

War of the Rats Photos

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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Episode 124: Tarawa-boom-de-ay

It's hard to imagine a player of Advanced Squad Leader who doesn't like a challenge. After all, the very essence of ASL is in the challenge to learn it, and for an elite few, master it. But even so, many of us would rather suffer repeated dowsing with buckets of icy water than to take on the monster that is Blood Reef: Tarawa, the fifth historical module in the ASL family (and perhaps the archetypal "black sheep" of the line).

But wait. There's hope. For you that proudly own BRT but lack the courage to tackle its diabolical eccentricities, or for you that have played it and glossed over its imposing minutiae, or for you that can only sit in awe of its Byzantine logic, there's hope! Thanks to many monasterial hours and days of staggering devotion, Rich Spilky has sought to unravel the Gordian Knot of rules and create a selection of player aid charts that will greatly assist your BRT odyssey.

In this episode, we chat with Rich -- or rather, Rich chats with us -- about each of his BRT tables: why he created them and how to use them.

Equipped with these tables and the Tarawa Gamer's Guide AND this episode of The 2 Half-Squads, the challenge of BRT will seem child's play. And if we're wrong, you can dump a bucket of ice water over . . . Perry's head!

Tarawa Player Aids by Rich Spilky

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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Episode 123: T2HS Greatest Hits Part Three

Oh no, here we go again. Another episode of so-called "Greatest Hits". This collection covers episodes 36 through 47. These snips were carefully, painstakingly, agonizingly, excruciatingly hand selected by Old Man Dan and Piano Man. You might find a few things in here that you missed the first time around, and others that will bring back some memories -- hopefully not the same memories you've been trying to FORGET since the shows first aired!

Surely the best moments come from the many guests we interviewed. Our thanks again to all of them for making us look good. Or, at least, not quite so bad!

Ahhh, we are waxing nostalgic, and with your permission we will wax on. Next episode we will wax off.

Total Time: 2:25:15
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Monday, August 18, 2014

ASL Extra 17: Liberation of Minsk play-by-play

Rich Domovic
At a recent meeting of the Palatine Area Advanced Squad Leaders club (PAASL) Dave ended up with no opponent to play, so he started recording a play-by-play of the only game happening; scenario OST12, The Liberation of Minsk from the Ost Front 2 Pack by Lone Canuck Publishing. This little experiment turned out pretty good, so we decided to publish it for your enjoyment and edification.

Rich Domovic commanded the Russians while Mike Stubits played the German defender. The high level of experience of these two players showed as they battled it out in 1944. You won't find the initial setup here as it was a spur of the moment decision to record, and there are gaps in the recording as we pause to let players think and plan. We hope the photos will clarify things. There are some great moves made during this one, so we hope you can learn a trick or two.

Mike Stubits
The live narration of the game in progress makes it sound a bit like a golf tournament, but there's no soft clapping from the gallery. Feel free to fill that in yourselves.

Photos of the Game

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Monday, August 11, 2014

Episode 122: Interdicting Dandelions With Dennis

Jeff (left) and Dennis (right)
photo by Dave (not shown, but
you probably remember what
the handsome devil looks like)
Look what happens when we leave the broadcast foxhole unguarded and the door unlocked (yes, our foxhole has a door). We get drop-ins! From far off California we welcome Dennis Donovan live in the studio joining us in some grand conversation about the greatest game in the world, Advanced Squad Leader (duh). Together we cooked up a heaping-helping of banter and serve up such topics as model building, syncopes (such as fo'c's'le, the syncope of forecastle), scenarios we've been playing lately, horticulture and, best of all, Interdiction. It's a mad, mad, mad, mad mix of multi-man madcapery (that word isn't in the dictionary YET).

2:25 - Model Talk
7:56 - Errata
12:00 - Letters
22:07 T-Shirt Sale and Card Back-order Plug
30:00 - Letters: The Call-in Kind
45:00 - What'cha Been Playin' Lately?
1:07:00 - Interdiction
1:27:40 - Total Running Time

Gin Drinkers Revenge Tournament Hong Kong
Northern California Yahoo Group
HMS Indefatigable at
ASL Phase Discs
Power of Images and Words in WWII

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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Episode 121: Water Works

There are about a zillion ways to learn the rules for Advanced Squad Leader. Perhaps the least effective is by listening to this show. Never-the-less, and with brazen disregard for the obvious, we plunge into some rules you'll need to get your troops across that river. Unless you exclusively play desert scenarios, you're bound to stumble into circumstances where you'll need to risk getting your (or your infantry's) feet wet. Maybe then you'll think back on this episode and mutter a quiet "thank you" to us for our hard work. But probably not!

We also have fun opening The Box to find MMP's Winter Offensive Bonus Pack #5. Is it worth the price? Listen and find out. If you decide to order it, tell MMP you heard about it on this show and they'll give you . . . nothing extra.

2:30 - What Have You Been Playing Lately?
18:30 - What's in the Box? Winter Offensive Bonus Pack #5
34:30 - Rules: Boats and Swimming
1:19:50 - Total Running Time
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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Episode 120: We Apologize Ahead of Time

We may be the jesters -- or buffoons -- of the ASL world but we're not ignorant to modern social and political correctness, as evidenced in this episode where we can scarce make a comment without worrying about offending someone. But wait -- that worry assumes someone is even listening. Now we're worrying about our egos. Well, let's get on with the show and hope for the best.

We start with some chit-chat about Jeff's trip to the Air and Space Museum in Washington DC, and Dave's trip to Godzilla Fest in Chicago. But does any of this relate to Advanced Squad Leader? Yes! Everything relates to Advanced Squad Leader, no matter how tenuously. We then get to mail call, which covers such diverse topics as movie reviews, players wanted, map explanations, and more. Later, take a look back with us at ASL Annual 95 (Winter Edition). This annual was Gary Fortenberry's first stint as editor of that distinguished publication. Finally, the winners of the latest contest are announced -- and it could be you so listen carefully. The winner receives a sweet Sabaton CD kindly donated by Göran Andersson.

Shown here hailing a cab,
this shirt will stop
traffic every time.
Thanks to all who purchased our OBA decks. As of this writing we have just a few left, but fear not because we now have new t-shirts! These beauties include the likeness of our lovely faces. (Un-oh, there go our egos again. We apologize.) $20 will land this shirt in your mail box if you live in the continental USA. Farther locations will incur additional shipping charges.

Wearing this shirt is a guaranteed conversation-starter wherever you go. Like, "Why are you wearing a shirt with two ugly guys on it?" Or, "Would you mind putting on a coat? My wife and I are trying to eat." Or, "A bunch of us homeless guys got a little collection together and bought you a bus pass to anywhere but here!"

The back looks good too.
People will be happy
to see you leave!
To order a shirt email us at the2halfsquads at gmail dot com and we will send you the details.

For an extra $1 we'll sign your shirt. (Uh-oh. More ego!)

For an extra $5 we'll forge Perry's signature.

And since Dave is off all summer, for an extra $6 he'll deliver it to you personally, clip your counters, mow your lawn and walk your dog.

Order yours today!

1:00 A Discussion About Being Geek
19:00 Contest Winner Announced
29:00 Letters
47:00 What's in the Box
1:15:00 T-shirt Sale Announced
1:22:54 Total Running Time

Godzilla Fest
ASL Phase Disks
Air and Space Museum

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Monday, June 30, 2014

Episode 119: Listen or Elst

Ah the joys of adulthood. The holiday season is six months hence, but we're all grown up and there's no reason why we can't have presents whenever we want. So join us as we gleefully tear into Multi-Man Publishing's latest offering for Starter Kit Advanced Squad Leader -- Decision at Elst. This is the first historical module for the Starter Kit series. You don't know what that means? Well then, listen. Or else.

But we're not all fun and games here in the broadcast foxhole. Even we admit all play and no work would make us dull[er than usual], and in this spirit we knuckle-down with some serious brain exercises. So take off your helmet, don your thinking cap and play along with Dave, Dave and Mark as Jeff conducts another Quiz Show using the official Q&A from Avalon Hill.

While supplies last you can get a fine ASL collector item and support The 2 Half-Squads podcast at the same time. To get your T2HS OBA/Playing Card Deck, email us at the2halfsquads at gmail dot com and we will send you the details. These have been very popular, so in the spirit of ASL they will soon become Out-of-Print for who knows how long!
1:00 - Banter
8:00 - Decision at Elst
43:00 - What We've Been Playin' Lately
58:25 - Quiz Show!
1:22:35 - Total Running Time

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Friday, June 20, 2014

Episode 118: The King is Dead!

Tonight in the broadcast foxhole we are joined by our friends -- and sometime-enemies -- Dave Timonen and Mark Woods to discuss, rehash, complain, gloat, and generally blabber regarding our recent play of scenario ABTF8, God Save the King from MMP's A Bridge Too Far historical module. If you've ever played or never played this classic we invite you to listen in as we relive the thrill and agony that is Advance Squad Leader. (Can you guess which side won? There's a wee hint hidden in the title of this episode.) Then we continue our nostalgic look back to earlier days of Advanced Squad Leader with a review of ASL Annual 93b.

Hey, do you want to add some panache to your ASL play? Here is your chance to possess your very own set of T2HS OBA/playing cards. The deck features artwork by T2HS fan, Steven Kiss. That's Charlie on the back, radioing for OBA, while Dave and Jeff are featured on the other side. For just $24 you get the complete deck of 52 standard playing cards (plus 2 Jokers who look awfully familiar). Great for use with ASL's Off Board Artillery, as well as poker, Old Maid, Fizbin and other card games. But that's not all! These high-quality cards create a nice sound effect when clipped in the spokes of your bicycle! What fun! Support The 2 Half-Squads Podcast and own a real collectors item. To get your T2HS OBA deck, email us at the2halfsquads at gmail dot com. We'll send you the details.

 3:20 -OBA Card Sale Announced
11:00 - Discussion of Various Films and Things
16:15 - Annual '93b
42:30 - God Save the King!
1:19:00 - Total Running Time

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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Episode 117: Roll Low and Nap Well

We were, admittedly, a wee bit tired as we started recording this show, but a little ASL talk is a wonderful stimulant and before you know it we were in full swing and back to our usual antics. A few letters from some fine fans get us revved up pretty quickly. But when you hear our impromptu karaoke version of  "I Want to Know What You've Been Playing Lately" (with sincere apologies to Foreigner) you'll wish we'd gone to bed.

We're then happy to present the remaining interviews from the ASL Open, including a rare chat with our old Hakkaa Paalle pal, Lars Thuring. Surely Lars should get a Most Patient Advanced Squad Leader Module Designer award.

Finally, we do a bit of Movie Talk about the 2008 film, Valkyrie.

So put on a fresh pot o' joe and prepare to be entertained. As for us . . . zzzzzzzzzZ.

1:25 - Letters
30:00 - What Have You Been Playing Lately?
41:30 - ASL Open Interviews with Mike Stubits and Bill Forg
47:15 - Interview with Lars Thuring
1:06 - Movie Talk: Valkyrie

St. Louis ASL Tournament

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Monday, May 19, 2014

Episode 116: We're at the End of Our Tether

We've got some more interviews from the ASL Open. We visit with Jim Burris, the host of the St. Louis ASL  Tournament. It is a great tournament that you won't want to miss. So head on over and visit the "Gateway to the West".  If that's is not enough for you, we have a discussion with John Lehman, member of the SoCal ASL group.  Hearing from one of our West Coast brethren is quite an honor.

During the letters segment we reveal the winners of the "Suggest a Contest" Contest.  Listen all the way through 24:40 to discover whether or not you are one of the chosen ones. If you are wondering just what is in  Winter Offensive Pack #5, we have the answer for you right here. Just hit that play button. 

And don't forget to let us know when/if you ever let others win and why you do/don't to be entered into our newest contest to win valuable prizes. This one is still open and ends 6/14/14.

1:00 - Intro Banter
12:35 - Letters: The Call-In Kind
27:00 - What's in the Box?
42:30 - Jim Burris
53:00 - John Lehman
1:05:45 - Total Running Time

Zulu: Men of Harlach
Men of Harlach (with lyrics)
Zulu: Zulu Warrior's Final Chant

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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Episode 115: Sidhu, Roubidoux, and an Annual Too

We had a marvelous time at the ASL Open a few weeks ago. What a glorious way to honor the first nice weather day of the year -- sequestered in a windowless room of men, listening to the soft tinkle of dice in jars, the rising murmur of voices in intense competition, then the shouting and throwing of furniture. Ahhh. Amid the melee we managed to record some excellent interviews, drink a beer or two, say hello to Shelling, Hildebran and Bendis, and even got in a game ourselves. At least we got outside for a few minutes to stroll to lunch accompanied by (ASL Open 2014 champion) Rich Spilky, Bob Banozic, Lars Thuring and several other prominent ASLers. Have we dropped enough names yet?.

Of the several interviews, we present two of them in this show. Paul Sidhu of Blood Reef Tarawa Gamer Guide fame, and Doug Roubidoux who brought us the recent ASL vehicle cards.

Later, Dave takes a look at the ASL Annual '93a, which includes some great gaming tips to improve your Advanced Squad Leader play, so listen carefully kids!

And don't forget to let us know when/if you ever let others win and why/why not to be entered into our contest to win valuable prizes.

1:00 -Intro at the Open
11:00 - Kind of an Interview with Dave Goldman
15:45 - Paul Sidhu
24:30 -Doug Roubidoux
39:15 - Annual '93a (and tactical tips from therein)
1:04:44 - Total Running Time

ASL Open After Action Report

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Friday, April 18, 2014

Episode 114: Action Pack 9 and Other Stories

Spring has finally sprung here in Illinois, and we are emerging from hibernation to present you with this episode. Some interesting letters are read for your enjoyment. We cover a slew of scenarios in What We've Been Playing Lately. Jeff gleefully reviews the latest MMP Action Pack To the Bridge. Be sure to enter our new contest and win an East Side Gamers Dezign Pak or book!

1:00 - Banter (including some very important health advice from T2HS)
7:20 - Letters
29:30 - What We've Been Playin' Lately
42:35 - New Contest Announcement (contest ends 6/14/14, enter now)
51:20 - What's in the Box? AP9
1:15:40 - Total Running Time

New ASL Cards
ASL Ladder Tourny Announcements
Flying Tanks

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Monday, April 7, 2014

Episode 113: Perry Sez So

We couldn't find a recent
picture of Perry, but we
recall him looking like this.
Today we are happy to present our recent interview with Perry Cocke of Multi-Man Publishing, makers of Advanced Squad Leader and other fine products. Perry gives us an update on upcoming ASL goodies that you will most likely see in 2014. There's lots to look forward to, including -- could it be -- Haaka Paale?

This episode is 99% ASL. If that's still not enough you . . . you're a normal ASLer!

1:30 - Perry
2:30 - More Perry
41:00 - Even More Perry
51:05 - Still Perry
1:02:47 - Let's just say it's all Perry
Total running time: 1:02:35

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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Episode 112: We're Fired!

In the unlikely event you didn't realize already, let us warn you: if you're going to play Advanced Squad Leader you're going to need to have your troops fire their guns. There's no room for pacifists here. It wouldn't be much of a war if the armies in opposition didn't fire off all those cool guns and artillery and stuff. In today's episode we discuss the rules around Fire Attacks. Some of this is pretty basic stuff as far as the rules go, but we encourage you to listen anyway. We were surprised by several interesting tidbits we'd nearly forgotten or use only too rarely.

7:30 - What Have You Been Playing Lately
17:30 - What's in the Box (plus a little Box Art Review) -- ASL Annual '92
41:00 - Rules -- Fire Attacks
Total running time: 1:08

Stout Hearted Men
A Girl Worth Fighting For
HC4 - Whaling Good Time

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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Episode 111: Let's Debrief

Welcome to Episode 111 of the only podcast on the net dedicated 100% (kinda sorta) to the greatest
game in the world; Advanced Squad Leader!

Today we have a very simple show, for very simple fans. First up is an order to clear out our bursting mailbox -- and leaving nary a letter for Episode 112. There's a variety of topics including some ASL talk -- we guarantee it. Then Dave stands alone on Quiz Show against questions taken from an official ASL source that we won't reveal to you here,  so you can play along at home without cheating. We finish up with a nice analysis of East Side Gamers Scenario ESG109 Backs to the Wall.

A very hearty thank you to Steve Kiss for the images gracing this entry. He did some very clever art that you'll be seeing in the near future. How's that for a cliff hanger?

1:00 Chat
5:45 Letters
37:20 Quiz Show
52:52 Scenario Analysis
1:07:38 Total Running Time 

Luftwoofe Paradogs
Register for Aplenfestung 
VASLing With Stew  

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Friday, March 7, 2014

Episode 110: T2HS Greatest Hits Part Two

Hi! Welcome to the not-so-long awaited part two of The 2 Half-Squads Greatest Hits series. Did we say series? Well, only time will tell. This show covers episodes 21-35, and boy did we ever have to scrape the bottom of the barrel to come up with enough "atrocities" "hits" for this one. Is it possible we should not even try to present such a collection? If you'd like us to refrain from such endeavors in the future, just click that Donate button on this page. Oh yes, we can be bought -- and for a lot less than you'd think!

But here we go anyway.  Please try to enjoy.  Just saying . . . .

None needed on a show like this other than End Time (and it can't come soon enough.) -- 2:07:19

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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Episode 109: You've Been Promoted

Maybe one of the reasons we love Advanced Squad Leader is for those moments when not only our well-laid plans pan out, but further reward presents itself when fortune shines on the roll of the dice. Today in our rules discussion we talk about Field Promotion, that moment when luck smiles upon us, no matter how fleetingly. But as the Universe has a tendency to balance out the good with some bad, we would be remiss if we didn't also cover Battlefield Integrity and Wounds. Ouch.

Sandwiched somewhere in the middle we talk a bit about the venerable Sten gun, the recent passing of a tenacious Japanese warrior and our latest readings. Then Dave powers up the WayBack machine to travel back a whopping 23 years and does a thorough discussion of ASL Annual '91.

Jeff confirms Dave's findings. HOT.
If it's ASL rules you're looking for, skip ahead 48 minutes and get right to it. If, on the other hand, you'd rather hear two guys blabber on about fast food drive-through service, elusive spicy food topping and other nonsense, start from the beginning -- and don't say we didn't warn you!

OK, it's not exactly Shakespeare, but neither is it Dull. You see that "Dull" rating below? DO NOT CLICK THERE!

0:00 Banter
13:30 News and History
21:00 ASL Annual '91
48:00 Rules

The Sten
Hiroo Onoda
ASL Tactical Wargamer's Journal
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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Episode 108: The Invisible Man and Other Models there anybody out there?  Oh, there you are. We couldn't see you at first.
We think you will enjoy this episode even though it contains an inordinate amount of banter and goofy chit-chat. Unless you think Munster model talk isn't goofy.

First we chunk through a slew of letters -- and those letters cover a lot of Advanced Squad Leader topics of interest. Dave and Jeff have started play of the large scenario, God Save the King and we discuss that event during the What Have You Been Playing Lately? segment. By popular demand Box Art Review makes its long awaited return. Get out your pens and paper and prepare to take notes. There'll be a test at the end of Episode 200.

We hope to see you at the ASL Open during the weekend of April 12th!

Our game of God Save the King.

12:06  Letters
39:45 New Contest Announced
40:00  Wut U Bin Plain Lately?
56:10  Box Art Review: Journal 10
1:06:35 Total running time

ASL Open 2014 
Ernie Pyle Museum
Link 1 to Malaya Madness
Link 2 to Malaya Madness
Sergy Larankov Photography
David Pentland Art

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Friday, January 3, 2014

Episode 107: Dethlefsen Take Two

Happy New Year everyone! Did you make a resolution to always roll low and rally well? How's that workin' out for you so far?

We can think of  no better way to welcome the new year than to enjoy the second part of our interview with Steve Dethlefsen of Heat of BattleFortress Cassino: The Road to Rome, Berlin: Red Vengeance and Onslaught to Orsha are just a few of the many HOB products we discuss in this episode. The real gem though is an titillating and insightful glimpse at the Kohima game still in development. And things stay interesting as the conversation turns to such topics as why we study WWII so much, and the nefarious Nestor Makhno.

How's that for a kick-off to 2014? Cheers! Or, as we like to say, Clink . . . and DRINK!

2:00  Chat with Steve
22:00  What's in the Box? Berlin: Red Vengeance
59:10  What's in the Box? Operation Merkur

1:10:15 Total running time

HOB : Berlin: Red Vengeance
HOB: Cassino the Road to Rome
Brief History of the Battle of Kohima
After the Battle Books

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